General Conference to Meet Outside USA in 2024 and 2028



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Not really about Global Church

I suspect this move is much less about showing us a "Global Church," and more a move designed to curtail participation by constituencies and non-delegate groups. How do we pick the most dangerous country on the entire planet for LGBT people, and not have the intention to try to keep them away?

Yes, I know they switched the years around, hoping Mugabe will be dead by then, but why do they think that in a mere 8 years, a country with an institutionalized hatred of LGBT people will have miraculously made a 180 degree turn? We all not know that's going to be the case, but by God, maybe it's just what we need to keep those pesky LGBT people away from our holy conferencing.

Not to mention the costs for other constituencies to be represented in these far flung places. I think this was the best idea they could come up with when the plan to hold the GC behind closed and locked doors fell through. Brilliant plan B, though. The devil must be given his due.

John Masters more than 6 years ago

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