Members of Migrant Caravan Seeking Better Lives



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Tell them to try a socialist country; we're $22 Trillion in debt and can't afford more people with hands out!

$22 Trillion in debt means that we are broke. We can't pay for all the commitments and welfare we already have. Sorry, America is broke. Scared, too. We're told only 500 or so of this caravan wave are known criminals. What a relief! Only 500! But, which 500? We all have locks on our doors for a reason: the security of our family. We need a lick on our border. How about a compromise? California wants these people, so let's build the wall along the border of California and let them all in there!
I think these church leaders should worry more about the needs in their own communities and among US citizens and not encourage more drains on our resources to help our own.

Reese more than 2 years ago

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