What does 'A Statement of Gospel Obedience' Mean for the Church?



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Obedience or disobedience?

I applaud Bishop Talbert's clarity and commitment to following what he understands to be Jesus' call to obedience at this point in the history of the UMC. This step has not been taken lightly or without deep thought, prayer and consideration of all of the consequences. When the General Conference repeatedly and adamantly refuses to allow language which acknowledges that we United Methodists do not all agree that "the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching" what recourse are we left with? To obey the call of Jesus sometimes requires us to disobey the laws laid down by men.

Theodore McKnight more than 9 years ago

Obeying Jesus

Jesus called us to love God with our whole self,and to love our neighbors as ourself. The Discipline judgmentally calls some of God's sons and daughters unfit to "open the good gift of sexuality" and unfit to be ordained even though they love God and sincerely feel a call to ministry. We are also denied the opportunity to celebrate our unions with the one we love among our fellow worshippers and in our house of worship with the blessings of our pastors who have blessed us and taught us since our birth. Daily I thank God that I grew up in the days before the judgmental wording about LGBT people was inserted into The Book of Discipline. Given the choice between following Jesus or The Book of Discipline, I will follow Jesus, and hope that my fellow members of The United Methodist Church will do the same !!!!!!!! Let's restore the integrity of our church policy at the next General Conference.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago

"Obeying the Rules"

In a couple of responses there seems to be the assumption that *all* faithful disciples have always kept *all* the rules. Anyone acquainted with Church history knows that is not the case. It was not the case with Jesus and Paul, and keeping the Sabbath and requiring circumcision were ostensibly rules given by God. When we speak about not keeping the Book of Discipline rules we're speaking of rules of human invention. If even the supposed laws of God can be abrogated, why are they so sure that people who object to certain discrete human rules are not being obedient to the Gospel?

Rev. Bud Tillinghast more than 9 years ago

Will the Gospel of Obedience affect apportionments?

I believe there are many people who do not agree with "Gospel of Obedience" petition and will make their disagreement "palpable" by restricting their donations to be used exclusively for their local church only; not to be applied to any apportionment payments. The Western Jurisdiction has indicated in other petitions passed at their recent conference that part of the apportionment funds received will go toward furthering this new "Gospel of Obedience" position, which in essence promotes ignoring church Book of Discipline law that states "Homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching".

Susan Coho more than 9 years ago

western jurisdiction

Flash... now in the UMC there is the call to pick and choose what part of the Discipline we pay attention to as long as one can disobey in "good conscience" (the only condition being their belief that it is "good conscience"). Thus one must assume that Bishop Carcano (in her present active capacity) and Bishop Talbert (in retirement) (as well as any other bishops who have not opposed this statement) must now be agreeable to any "good conscience" rejection of their authority IF THEY HAVE THE INTEGRITY AND JUSTICE TO NOT BE HYPOCRITES OF THE MOST EXCESSIVE NATURE! Thus if not corrected and disciplined, they have dismissed the authority of the Discipline and dismantled the reality of the connection in their ill considered statement.

dan more than 9 years ago

A Statement of Gospel Obedience

I suggest conference chancellors begin preparing now for some congregations to use the Statement's sentence about the Discipline as a way toward exiting their annual conferences while legally retaining all property rights. Since the trust clause contains the phrase "subject to the Discipline" (Par. 2503), attorneys for those congregations will argue that the conferences of the Western Jurisdiction no longer even claim to represent the authority of The UMC and its General Conference.

Peter Milloy more than 9 years ago

welcome affirmation

I am grateful to the Western jurisdiction delegates and Bishop Carcano's and Talbert's leadership. I am glad that that the Northeastern jurisdiction is not the only one to take a stand for equality. This will not be an easy fight but it advances with each voice raised in support of the lgbt community.

jeff conn more than 9 years ago