What the United Methodist Church Says About Gay Marriage

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The 2012 General Conference

The reason the UMC has not come together regarding gay clergy, and gay marriage is due to the Africans who joined General Conference. I feel they should have their own General Conference in Africa, and write their own “Book of Discipline.” I did not attend the last General Conference, but I heard plenty about it from people who were there! The Africans were coached on how to debate the issue, and unfortunately, I knew the clergy that coached them. As long as they are in our General Conference, the “Book of Discipline” will never change, and as long as we have closed minded Clergy nothing will happen! I don’t understand why the conservative clergy don’t understand that God made us the way we are; it was God’s choice, not General Conference’s. I feel that God wants us to find one mate, and be faithful to that one person, the LGBT community deserve the same rights as the rest of us already have. I also feel that anyone who hears the calling of God into the ministry should be allowed to follow God’s calling. God has called them, not the General Conference! I admire those who are standing up for the rights of the LGBT Christian Community!! Dr. Sid Hall is a prophet in the SWTX Conference!

Marti Middleton more than 8 years ago