1/6 and the Soul of America



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Jim Burklo's Comments

Dean Burklo's comments are spot on. Our identity is made up of many things, race, religion, nationality, gender, etc. Too often, we hold conscious or unconscious attitudes of superiority or inferiority with respect to others whose characteristics differ from us. This provides each of us with a sense of place in this world and a sense of security. Many of us become locked into these attitudes prematurely and stop the process of identity development. When this happens and a shift occurs in the value society place on those one has deemed to be inferior then one’s identity is threatened. Thus, as women, homosexuals, Muslims, people of color, etc. (choose any identity component) become more visibly prominent in society one’s place becomes in doubt and the fuel for backlash is unleashed. The first century was a hierarchical society. The man we worship continually valued truth over misinformation and breaking down artificial barriers we create between one another. Let’s heed his example.

Sam Gould 18 days ago


Voter integrity is not voter suppression. The voting laws in Georgia are less restrictive than they are in Biden's home state of Delaware and also in the enlightened democracy of New York. There is no evidence that integrity laws suppress voting. There is no constitutional basis for the federal government to control elections.

Kevin 19 days ago


We do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. The difference is important; the founders looked at historic democracies and found that they are unstable and unsustainable. That’s why we have the Senate and the Electoral College. Democracies crush minorities and the structure of our government was intended to make sure that urban majorities were not in a position to crush rural minorities.

It would be nice if people writing about this understood this point.

Arjacy 20 days ago