Christians Against Christian Nationalism Statement



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Agree with caveat

Be careful not to throw out the American flag when opposing extremist Christian nationals. That is the temptation for liberals, to fly rainbow or UN flags. I suggest that the American flag can still be flown with pride by Christians, even by churches, out of the recognition that we can love God first and our nation second.

David Kingsworthy 18 days ago

none are blameless

I don't believe it is necessary to attempt a 'holier-than-thou' attitude and point the finger of blame and paint anyone who holds a different perspective with a broad brush of condemnation; e,g,. 'the temptation of liberals'. For example; the words; "I pledge allegiance to the flag"; might easily be interpreted as idolatry. God is not a conservative, God is not a liberal; the God that I know and love and know knows and loves me is not wrapped in a flag. To sum it up, I take great comfort in the idea that "GOD IS"! It has been said; "If your God is small enough for you to handle, your God is not going to be big enough to meet your needs".

w.f. meiklejohn 18 days ago