Church Leaders Affirm Baltimore after Tweets

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Much of the ignorance about minority neighborhoods... exactly that, willful ignorance. As a native of San Antonio who's white, folkways told us to avoid "The Westside" which was heavily Hispanic, and "The East Side" which is heavily African-American. And yet after having gone to those places, I found this conventional wisdom was utterly false. Sure, places where teenagers and young adults of all races are worth avoiding, but, by and large, most blocks in those neighborhoods were chock full of decent, if more downscale than ours, private homes, churches, and small businesses. Landscapes like that of Hue, Vietnam, as shown in the movie "Full Metal Jacket" of decaying apartment complexes patrolled by paramilitaries only existed at places like the now demolished Pruitt-Igoe Housing Complex in St Louis, Missouri were and still are few and far between. Once in Houston's "Third Ward" (heavily African-American) at 10:00 on a Saturday night, I observed a violent fight develop between two drag queen prostitutes which stopped when the Vietnamese store owner pointed a sawed off shotgun at them, and then they apologized to me. Sometimes the danger in the inner cities is considerably less than in sterile suburbs. Racism is fueled by "othering" people of minority races and the poor cops get little enough training on treating others as persons of sacred worth, more now than before, but still not enough. I have so much more respect for a Senior Member of Congress like Elijah Cummings than for this President and all the members of his administration.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago