Empty Vessels No More: Defending Women in the Abortion Debate



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The Best Way to end Abortion

...is to empower women. Empowered women either (1) don't get pregnant when it would create untenable realities in their lives, or (2) are prepared to deal with the consequences by either obtaining an abortion, giving birth and raising a child, or arranging for other care for the child. Rape of course is an exception regardless what women-hating politicians and political preacher say. But whenever an advocate of activist government, so small it can fit inside a uterus, is offered this compromise: "Free birth control to all, an end to all government encroachments on all forms of human sexuality, and reality based sex education at all levels of education including the hoamskuled; then a prohibition of all abortion except those medically necessary after three weeks of pregnancy" - they turn it down flat. I have offered it multiple times and every time been shot down. The reason for same is obvious: this debate is not about the so-called precious life of the bay-bee, it's about exercising power and control over women. No other explanation suffices.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago