It's Time for the End to Our Prayers



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My thoughts as an observer from a UMC pew

I am grappling with the reality that there is a culture of “hate” not only within the American culture at large, but also within the United Methodist Church. It emanates from the black and white thinking of liberal/progressives that there are the “oppressed” and there are the “oppressors” who “hate” and are “harming the oppressed”. If a person does not agree with their way of thinking then that person “hates” them and becomes the “oppressor”. Within the UMC this is most visible in the homosexuality debate as well as in how they deal with the racial tension that exists in America; it is also what drives their dislike of Israel. In a conflict, they heap all the justice on the one they view as the “oppressor” while heaping all the mercy on the “oppressed”. This is not a truly Christian way of viewing the world. Christianity it is about justice AND mercy for everybody because in Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man, God’s justice AND mercy come together in one cohesive, explosive expression of love.
Welcome to the post-Christian era in America. The events of last week are an illustration of the tragic consequences of not allowing for justice AND mercy for everybody: The white cops from the states of _______ and Louisiana were identified as the “oppressors”, the black persons who were shot were the “oppressed”; “justice” for the “oppressors” on behalf of the “oppressed” was carried out in Dallas, Texas while the “oppressors” were ensuring that the “oppressed” were allowed to express their displeasure in a safe and orderly manner.
Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man, have mercy on us, sinners who have lost their way!

Betsy more than 5 years ago