Leader Responds to Commission's Proposal for Sexuality Debate



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Legality Issue

I am not wanting to defend the alternative process. However, it is not illegal for the Commission to propose an alternative process. There is nothing in Par. 505, 507, or 509 that mandates how petitions are to be handled by General Conference. Those are matters for the Rules of Order. Each time, the Commission brings revised rules of order to be approved at the beginning of General Conference. The Conference can either endorse or reject the rules, including the alternative process. The rules as proposed will contain the alternative process. If the Conference fails to amend the rules and adopts them, then the alternative process is legal. I recall one General Conference when all the sexuality petitions and resolutions were given to Faith and Order, regardless of where they appeared in the Discipline. Other times, they have been split up among various legislative committees. The rules allow for some flexibility, as long as the rules are then adopted by General Conference and "owned" as the process the Conference will use.

Tom Lambrecht more than 7 years ago