President's Remarks Draw United Methodist Ire



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Bishops Travel

How many bishops actually travel to countries that are in real trouble? The Apostle Paul went to many places where he was not welcome & sometimes stoned. I submit that the U.S. military often do much PERSONAL GOOD in the countries where sent.....but sometimes killed. I propose Methodists reach out beyond the comfortable. Perhaps turn off your church HVAC system for a month & send the savings to missions.....and Al Gore would be proud that you reduced electric plant coal consumption!

Blake White more than 3 years ago

So biased our Bishops and agencies can't even think straight

First, President Trump denies saying this. Second, the report of what he supposedly said came from a political enemy who only went to the media after he didn't get his way on the bill he wanted; Dick Durbin has a long history of misrepresenting statements made by his opponents, so prudence would dictate that anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, this statement fits right into the Trump-hating media's agenda, so they report it as fact and cry, "Racist!".

Worse, our silly liberal Bishops and agencies, to their shame, fall right in line with their condemnation of these statements that may never have been uttered or might have have been badly taken out of context. In this hostile "Trump is a racist Nazi" hate-mongering, the political and social left is alienating the rest of the country with their pathetic baby-fits.

Some basic facts: The two countries mentioned are a complete mess (regardless of what term you use). More than one fifth of the population of El Salvador resides in the U.S.! No, that is not a typo. If that does not tell you that something is seriously wrong in El Salvador, then nothing will convince you. And Haiti, in case you've been living under a rock, also is a mess; they have a corrupt government, extreme poverty, have deforested the entire country, and still have an ongoing HIV/AIDS problem due to the world looking the other way for decades while their main tourist industry consisted of North American gay pedophiles. It is not racist to state these facts.

If our Bishops actually cared, they'd be highlighting these facts and working across party lines to find real solutions. Of course, it's much easier, much more fun, and so self-satisfying to just call the President a racist instead.

Paul W. more than 3 years ago

UMC Has Abetted S***hole Countries

Let's differentiate between s***hole countries and the people in them. The UMC has a history of turning a blind eye to s***hole countries while screaming about the supposed problems in the USA. I offer Zimbabwe as s***hole country one. The UMC never criticized the murderous thug Robert Mugabe as he systematically looted Zimbabwe and killed opponents. All we heard were glowing reports on Africa University. Where were all the UMC pundits and poobahs when he sent out his gangs to seize the land of white farmers and murder them and their families. Did his land grab increase the food in Zimbabwe? You know the answer. So yes, Zimbabwe is a s***hole country made that way with the complicity of the UMC. Cuba comes to mind as another s***hole country the UMC has cozied up to while political dissidents were tortured, imprisoned and killed. And lets not forget the Soviet Union. Communist and communist sympathizer UMCers made all sorts of excuses for Stalin while he murdered 20 million of his own citizens. If you see a common thread here it's that all the armchair whiners in the UMC do it from the comfort of their own country where their rights to sound off are constitutionally protected. If you're going to condemn, make sure you're objective about it and just being politically selective. Our current president makes crude remarks for sure, but calling a country a s***hole doesn't necessarily equate to being a racist. It's more a comment on the miserable governments in these countries that oppress, imprison, and kill their own people while using the countries' resources to enrich themselves. I'll end with a quiz question. Anybody know how many billions Fidel Castro had in Swiss bank accounts? The answer ends with billion. How's that for a good Communist and champion of the proletariat.

Dan more than 3 years ago

Methodist Ire

In the past year; consumer confidence up 50%, Retail sales up 5%, Manufactured goods up 2.5%, Housing starts up 25%, Unemployment down 1.2%, Stock market at record high, GDP growth over 3.2%. I am so glad I voted for Trump. No ire here.

Kevin more than 3 years ago

If you voted for Trump....

....and, I've not seen statistics, but considering how a majority of college educated whites did, it would follow a majority of UMCers did, too. But if you did, you own this. This is what you voted for. You are lying if you say, "I didn't know he was a racist." Of course you did sand that's what you voted for. All the evidence needed to show he was was right there before the election. You chose racism over a United Methodist who had an e-mail problem. This is who you are. You did this.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago


Trump already has accomplished mush for America in a divided America. The bus you ride in may not be clean or pleasant but it gets you to your destination. Previous "professional politicians" only kicked the can down the road to avoid accumulated issues. There's no more let that happen. Now it's time to face realities, your political paradigm is ending.

Blake White more than 3 years ago