Indiana's RFRA and the UMC: A Moral Imperative



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A conservative view from the pew

I have no problem with same-sex couples having civil protections. But when the discussion comes within the church that is a different matter and hinges on whether or not God sanctifies same sex relationships or not. Given the fact that we are in the aftermath of the sexual revolution, and orthodox Christianity--which is NOT the same as modern fundamentalism--has not had a consistent presence in the UMC for a very long time, I am not comfortable with the thought of going against 2000 years of Christian thought and teaching. I am not convinced that there is any new great enlightenment.

And what bothers me when I have monitored the different sides is the realization that underneath the argument, there is no consensus when it comes to doctrine--who God is and who we are in relation--nor in polity--the role of General Conference and the Book of Discipline in the life of the church. People are basically talking and peddling apples and oranges to each other. Changing the structure to accommodate both sides is not an answer; it just basically confirms that we are a church that does not know who we are or what we believe. The UMC is experiencing diversity run amuck, and as I have experienced it, it can be extremely harmful and detrimental to many individuals within the church regardless of sexual orientation/preference.

Also, as a conservative who has confidence in my views and my conscience is clear in having them, I find many liberal/progressives to be some of the most prejudicial, close-minded people when it comes to other conscience-driven view points. They care nothing about the health of the church--they are most concerned about their understanding of how things need to be.

Orter T. more than 6 years ago


Such fury over a simple law that is supposed to allow freedom to live out our religious faith. I read the text of the law and nowhere did I see anything that says a business can discriminate against gay people. It simply allowed them to opt out of providing services when such services conflicted with religious beliefs unless the government has an over riding interest. A right that non-profit organizations already enjoy. You could not insist that a Jewish deli provide ham sandwiches for your garden party. The governor of Indiana did a poor job explaining the law he signed. There was nothing that needed fixing.
Why would a gay couple insist that a business make them a wedding cake knowing that such would go counter to the bakery owners beliefs? Where is the real intolerance here?

Kevin more than 6 years ago

Progressive Intolerance

Why are the liberal/progressive/left-wing so intolerant of Christian Conservatives? You all aare SUCH hypocrites. If others do not think like you think, like what you like, support what you support...then your tactics involve name calling, destruction of reputations, and smug pronouncements that point to how smat you are, and how utterly stupid anyone is who disagrees with you. All the self-righteous pontificating about a little pizza place in Indiana, for example, and yet silence about a Muslim bakery in Dearborn, Michigan. Your constant strawman arguments and many many words without meaning are KILLING this denomination and our culture. Just stay in your echo chamber and stop with the judgemental, intolerant, bullying behavior and screeds.

TC Springer more than 6 years ago