Scourge of Gun Violence: 45,000 Killed in 2020

United Methodists Called to Action



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Thank God for the COTUS

Thank God that the citizens of the United States are protected by the Constitution of the United States of America from being forced to surrender their 2nd Amendment rights to left-wing liberals. Thank God that the Supreme Court has finally spoke broadly and specifically to the right of individual citizens to "keep and bear arms." If anyone actually wants to do something about crime, then the answer is simple ... catch them, convict them and then imprison them.

bthomas 125 days ago

and who is my neighbor; could it be a "left-wing liberal"? ?

"If anyone actually wants to do something about crime, then the answer is simple ... catch them, convict them and then imprison them". Great theory, however, as we have recently seen, just acquire a high-powered firearm, go someplace you don't belong, commit murder, cry and scream 'self-defense' and get off scot-free.

w.f. meiklejohn 125 days ago

Facts are difficult things.

What we have recently seen is that a law abiding citizen ran for his life and then defended himself when subjected to repeated violent assault by three assailants. Two of the assailants were killed. One was wounded. By his own sworn testimony in court, that person states that he was himself armed and pursuing the defendant. The state presented its case fully and completely. The defense responded. The jury deliberated and then decided unanimously that the defendant was not guilt. This decision was based on the law. Had this case been tried on the court of public opinion, the msm and others would have found the defendant guilty. Under the law, this defendant was found not guilty based on the actual facts of the case without regard to the opinion of whoever else was concerned. That is how justice is done. Justice is a matter of the law.

bthomas 122 days ago


"What we have recently seen" may be a person who was not old enough to own a firearm, had a connection acquire one for him in order to play vigilante and travel uninvited and unneeded to act as self-proclaimed law enforcement("law-abiding"?)., Yes, 'facts are difficult things" . The fact that "45,000 Americans died by gunfire in 2020" is utterly horrifying and, as the article points out, the UMC is on record of taking a 'firm stand on gun violence prevention and "urges congregations to advocate at the local and national level for laws that prevent or reduce gun violence.”

w.f. meiklejohn 121 days ago

Re: Seen.

Got it. When the law is applied following the COTUS, ignore the law and appeal to irrational emotion to condemn the innocent. When the facts do not support a convenient narrative and the law does not permit a preferred outcome, manipulate the facts to support irrational emotion by which to argue for a violation of the COTUS.

bthomas 120 days ago