The Conservative Christian Dilemma on Same-Sex Marriage



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Same sex marriage dilemma

Our book of discipline addresses divorce and remarriage and since our BoD is in harmony with scripture there is no problem there for Methodists. Our BoD also addresses practicing homosexuals but in a very different way. If you believe there is an inconsistency then change the one or the other but until then continue to preach our discipline.

Kevin more than 7 years ago

same sex marriage

Jesus said that remarried divorcees are living in adultery, or words to that effect. Our UMC no longer shuns them, thank goodness, or else a significant percentage of both our laity and clergy would be shunned. Why then do we choose to select same sex married folk to be shunned? If we keep the current shunning of same sex married, then why don't we go back to our old, ridiculous shunning of those living in adultery. Whether or not either group of folk are living in sin, why do we shun them.... sinners or not???!!

Rev. Larry D. Robertson more than 7 years ago


There is, for many of us, no dilemma. Doug Oldham sang, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it for me." The verse in Genesis defines marriage and would be authoritative even if Jesus never mentioned it... but the fact that he mentioned it, doubles the impact.

Charles Whatley more than 7 years ago

Most Christians aren't Fundamentalists

The Adam and Eve legend is best understood as metaphor rather than a depiction of a literal event. The notion it occurred as written, notwithstanding the contradictions in Genesis 1 and 2, was encouraged in the 19th Century as a response to modernity. Marriage is a social construct and its forms have varied throughout human habitation here. Until the 19th Century - and still today in certain cultures - it consisted primarily of the transfer of an item of property, a woman, from her first owner, her father, to her second owner, her husband. Interestingly, in the furthermost precincts of fundamentalism, efforts are being undertaken to return to that system.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago