When Therapy Becomes Theology in the Inclusion Debate



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This hits the nail on the head

One of the things that has bothered me about the homosexuality argument is that if you listen long enough you learn the pro argument originates in "I know a nice gay couple." If being "nice" is to become a criteria for determining the absence of sin, then we are in trouble; it is certainly not Wesleyan.

Several years ago I found this quote from Oswald Chambers; I immediately thought of the homosexuality argument; it also describes the holy love I have experienced in the last years:

"Unless my relationship with God is right, my sympathy for man will lead me astray and them also; but once I am right with God I can love my neighbor as God has loved me. How has God loved me? God has loved me to the end of all my sinfulness, the end of all my self-will, all my selfishness, all my stiff-neckedness, all my pride, all my self interest; now He says I am to show my fellow-men the same love."

Orter T. more than 7 years ago

You Can't Be Serious

I'm sorry, but are PASTORS not supposed to be moved by the real life experiences of the people they SERVE? Theology, doctrine, dogma - these are servants of the mission and ministry of the church, not the masters. When we encounter living, breathing human beings that defy our theological definitions, such as women in leadership position, or same-sex couples living in long-term monogamous nuclear families raising children, or whatever it might be, you, sir would rather we dismiss the evidence before our eyes in favor of a bunch of words on a page, some of them insulting, many of them old? That's not critical thinking, but its exact opposite!

Geoff more than 7 years ago

Missing the point


As a Christian my faith dictates that all scripture is God breathed, God inspired and true. It exists even after all this time for our benefit and continued guidance. Your statement:

... you, sir would rather we dismiss the evidence before our eyes in favor of a bunch of words on a page, some of them insulting, many of them old?

I truly feel sorry for you that Holy Scripture has so little impact in your life that it is less than this broken sin filled world modern Christians are forced to contend with.

Taking your reference that when we come face to face with sin in this world we should 'interpret' Scripture to suit the politically correct viewpoint totally misses the point. I would direct you to Paul's letters to the various new Christian congregations to gain some insight on how to put on the whole armor of God to enable you to stand against the onslaught by this modern age against TRUE Christian values.

What is next on your list of acceptance, liars, thieves, adulterers, pedophiles, murderers? Why bother with the 10 commandments at all if are going to pick and choose or interpret how we want them to apply.

Glenn more than 7 years ago