Why the Church Should Care About Press Freedom

Crisis Watch Aug. 11, 2020



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Freedom of the press

"Since President Trump took office, media watchers have often remarked that his abuse of the press has emboldened the world’s autocrats to behave likewise"
By all means let's blame Trump for the oppression in Belarus. Has UM Insight become that infected by TDS? I do not know who these media watchers are but this media watcher sees more abuse of President Trump by the press than the other way around.

Kevin 156 days ago

Please read it again

I believe you have misread the passage from Jon Allsop of Columbia Journalism Review. Here is the pertinent section again:
"Since President Trump took office, media watchers have often remarked that his abuse of the press has emboldened the world’s autocrats to behave likewise. That view, while sometimes correct, has often been ahistorical; Trump didn’t invent threats to the US media, and [Belarus president Alexander] Lukashenko and his ilk have never needed emboldening. Instead, it’s more useful to view the present domestic threats as a wake-up call."
Mr. Allsop notes clearly that he doesn't hold Mr. Trump responsible for the oppression in Belarus. Instead he cites Belarus as an example for U.S. citizens to compare American situations. -- Cynthia Astle

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) 155 days ago

Misread what?

I believe you misread Kevin’s comment. Absent the Jon Allsop quote, your blog clearly insinuates that President Trump’s hostile critique of a hostile press has fostered unfair treatment of news reporters not only in Belarus, but by the law enforcement folks dealing with rioters in US cities, and without examples. As I read your post, I could not help but think of the individuals in NYC being arrested for attempting to write with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk outside the abortion clinic “Black preform lives matter.”

Scott S 154 days ago


Should have read preborn, not preform (interesting, when I typed preborn in this correction, it was automatically changed to preform and I had to retype it, and both then and here in the parentheses it slows as a misspelling, with no suggestions ! Scary!)

Scott S 151 days ago

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