United Methodists React to Capitol Attack



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And I absolutely agree with this assessment

of the outcome of the Presidential election:

Make no mistake: I fear what I am afraid will be the legislative and policy excesses and abominations of a unified progressive government. This is one of those moments where I recognize that Augustine was right when he cautioned that having children leads to heartache—I fear deeply for the kind of world I am afraid my children will soon be forced to live in. I am afraid that the trends will continue, that the progressive agenda will do nothing to relieve those disaffected people, on both the left and the right, suffering from real or imagined—or both—injustices. I fear that the desperate will continue to cast about for someone to fault; that they will continue establishing targets, including the innocent, for their blame; that the angry people will again become angry mobs falling into that familiar cycle of increasing conflict that eventually boils over into the kind of violence we saw on display yesterday and in the months past. Worse still, as such cycles of violence continue, they will steadily diminish in their purgative value and the angry will seek even great doses of violent release. If a spanner is not thrown in the works, it will only get worse."

It is going to take all of us learning to live with each other to stop the cycle of violence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

betsy more than 1 year ago

Read this whole article if you dare

and acknowledge everybody's contribution to the events of yesterday; this was not a random isolated incident but the result of bad behavior on all sides:

"The seizure of the Capitol was undemocratic, shameful, and deeply disturbing. But, in the second case, it was not an entirely novel event; rather, it was part of a tragically destructive trajectory.

This is because the events yesterday were a culmination of trends that have long spasmed through our nation and that led both to the deluge of support that pushed Trump to the presidency and to the resistance that followed his inauguration. The worst of the former can be found in the vile supremacists who hear a dog whistle in Trump’s rhetorical perversions. The worst of the latter is found in the unrelenting, indiscriminate resistance to Trump that has been overcredulous in its animus from day one. " https://providencemag.com/2021/01/tragedy-shared-fault-us-capitol/

betsy more than 1 year ago

I am a white female United Methodist

I voted for Trump.

I do not condone the actions taken by a radical minority in the capitol yesterday.

My own sense is that it is time to accept the election results and move on even though I have my doubts about their validity and I feel no compatibility with the incoming President.

Neither do I take any comfort that any of these words written here will do anything to heal the great divide that is the product of very different understandings of what it means to be a Christian of the Methodist persuasions as well as the role the American government is supposed to play in regulating our lives.

There can be no healing until people in positions of leadership and influence name those deep differences and learn to respect those that see things differently.

betsy more than 1 year ago