Being the Good Samaritan Isn't Enough



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Just goes to show

That UMC leadership is out of touch with a chunk of grassroots United Methodists and do not speak for all of the United Methodist Church. ACA desperately needs to be re-worked starting with the government should never have been able to penalize citizens for not buying a product from a business! Also, direct feedback I am getting from people face to face is that although ACA may provide people with insurance, it does not guarantee health care if the person who is now insured cannot afford the outrageous deductibles of the insurance coverage we are all helping to provide. Not to mention that, since ACA, the health insurance provided by the small business my husband works for is in jeopardy because the premiums have become ridiculous as coverage has decreased. The mistake was equating insurance with health care.

Betsy more than 5 years ago


That train has left the station. Whatever the name, some form of single-payer will be put in place simply b/c costs will drive the nation to it. At some point employer paid insurance will be taxed as compensation. That will largely kill private health insurance. It will not effect the wingtippers. Such stuff never does. In the end, SP possibly along the lines of Canada will be put in place. It will likely focus on prevention, etc. and less on heroic end of life hysterics. Marginal concerns, i.e., sex changes, eye lid tucks, etc. will not come out well. Physicians will buy more Hyundai's. There will be fewer foreclosures due to outrageous medical bills. Once Tri-Care and the VA are consigned to the attic, stage will be set to actually have a decent healthcare system. Insurance is not healthcare. Healthcare is money. Once healthcare is a matter of paying a tax, all the talk about insurance will be eliminated and everyone can go back to just complaining about taxes ... how high they are ... whose paying ... who is not pay enough ... etc.

bthomas more than 4 years ago


Since the General Conference also voted in 2016 to remove itself from the RCRC (largely in part because RCRC opposes restrictions on all cases of abortions), I was just wondering if the writer would also encourage us to call all the UM senators to vote for restrictions regarding late term abortions, and create laws against any sex selective abortions or abortions resulting because of genetic disabilities? For each of these cases the BOD charges us to stand against. Just wondering?

David more than 5 years ago

I can't speak for the writer, but...

Your suggestions all amount to bad public policies, and in all cases would do more harm than good. I believe you are not making serious suggestions, just trolling here. Any such laws would be unenforceable and harm people already harmed enough. Moreover your assertion of the reason for the UMC GC's withdrawal from the RCRC is not factual. The withdrawal from RCRC was a mistake, but a handful of squeamish but well-meaning people voted that way in conjunction with our right-wing brothers and sisters as a gesture to them. Whether it will wind up being something futile and stupid, or a harbinger that the UMC is available for use as a vehicle for organizing just as the Southern Baptists' reversal of positions on the abortion issue was for them.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago


In 1973 a terrible mistake was made [for The United Methodist Church to co-found the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice]. Happily in 2016 that mistake was undone. Wonderful that mistakes can be recognized. Even better that mistakes can be corrected.

bthomas more than 5 years ago


Better approach... follow the Tea Party methods which allow a otherwise small politically insignificant group to leverage it's influence and make a real impact in the political process. The above senators and others like them will vote based on their own political interests. Contacts from folks who they do not represent will not get any attention. Only contacts from those in their state will make any difference. People from the states represented by these senators will need to make the contacts and press for the senators to vote against repeal. That's just how the political process works.

bthomas more than 5 years ago

Good Samaritan

How different this story would be if Roman soldiers had whipped the priest and the Levite and then forced the village at spear point to pay the injured victim. And then the local physician refused the payment because it was not enough.
Accusing our elected representatives and Senators of being unfaithful Methodists takes this a step too far.

Kevin more than 5 years ago