'By All Means, Save Some!'



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"By All Means, Save Some?"

Bishop May's plea is heartfelt, but so much of what he writes is simply not true. NOTHING that Congress proposed in their recent "gun control" laws would have done anything to prevent Sandy Hook or ANY OTHER recent shooting incident. ALL those atrocities were committed by individuals who willingly broke EXISTING laws. We already have literally thousands of "sensible gun safety laws" on the book. The majority of sales at gun shows DO ALREADY REQUIRE a background check ...there is no "gun show loophole" ...only sales by private individuals do not require background checks. The percentage of gun sales that do not go through a background is very small, contrary to what has been recently claimed by the President and other gun control supporters. And perhaps most telling is the fact that when someone attempts to buy a firearm and fails the background check, that information is rarely followed up on. Law enforcement has admitted "we don't have the time or money" to enforce the laws currently on the books. Gun control laws have NOT been shown to work, and the many available studies that indicate the failure of gun control laws to control the level of gun violence are NOT "persistent lies." And the NRA is not a self-absorbed political organization, but is an organization made of up millions of concerned citizens, and it represents the interests and concerns of it's members. The cruel truth is that criminals by definition will not obey laws, be they gun control laws or something else. Gun violence in the US has in fact fallen a great deal over the past 20 years, but punishing law abiding citizens by inflicting on them yet another unnecessary layer of bureaucracy (and laws we do not have the time, money, or will to enforce) will do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to control gun violence and to make those figures go down further. I fervently believe that the Senators who voted against the recent knee-jerk ill-conceived and poorly researched/written gun control bills absolutely had the welfare of their constituents in mind. If we are truly interested in saving some, we need to focus on the source of the violence, rather than on trying to ban any specific tool those who are violently inclined might choose to exercise their inclination. Violence committed by one person against another is the problem ...NOT the fact that a relatively few violent people choose a firearm to perpetrate their violent acts against others.

Chaplain Paul Rider more than 8 years ago