Bishop Carcano Pleads with African Bishops for Uganda's Gays

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Hatred against Laws of Moses or those who hate God's laws.?

It is not hatred to uphold God's laws of Moses. Don't let Satan take in you on this issue. (Revelations 12:17) Teach them it is wrong, morally and naturally wrong to be a homosexual. I stand for God not man. If Ugunda and Russia imprisons homosexuals to teach them morals, then maybe they are a better nation than we are. They want to adhere to God's laws. Homosexuals hate God's laws. (Hebrews 10:30) They will be dealt with. We are only trying to pull them out of hellfire. (Jude 1:23-24)

Sandra Bouchard more than 8 years ago

courageous Bishop

Thank you, Bishop, for saying what needs to be said. I pray other US Bishops will also speak out for those who are being victimized by irrational fear and hatred.

jeff more than 8 years ago