16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible

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Jesus example

14. We follow Jesus’ example in being willing to reject certain passages & theologies in the Bible and to affirm other ones. (He did it a lot)
- Do you cite specific examples of this in your posts or writings?

LK Williams 201 days ago


Did you ever get an answer here?

Kaden 43 days ago

And it seems that for progressives

modern experience trumps tradition whereas traditionalists are the opposite. I trust what historic Christianity has to say over what I currently feel.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Taking the Bible Seriously....

To answer the question, yes, it seems you don't take the Bible seriously. You pick and chose. Christ upheld the Bible in Matthew 5:17--20. Furthermore, with Grace as the primary cornerstone it give the impression of a "get our of jail free card." Grace is there to offer forgiveness when we fail in our Christian walk not as permission to live lives contradictory to Scripture. Jesus lived a life of unconditional love while stressing forgiveness yet an instruction for the forgiven to turn from their life of sin to righteousness not to continue in that sin. Repentance is a precursor to forgiveness.

Jeff Lucas more than 2 years ago

Everyone "picks and chooses"

Non-fundamentalists are simply honest enough to admit it. Fundamentalists, in contrast, never admit it, and try to pretend they don't in order to amass power and control.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago