A New Set of Questions about Sex and Sin



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I'll work with you

So, if everyone were homosexual...." And? Just what exactly is your point? It seems to me a great number of fundamentalists who comment on these issues are fond of speaking in riddles. I am not saying I believe you are a fundamentalist - indeed, a reasonable person cannot tell from that comment. However, it does appear to be somewhat baiting, as such not really edifying discourse.

So, I;ll work with you. You ask if everyone were homosexual....what? Are you implying our species would die out? That would certainly seem incongruent with the fact that 1/4 of all gay men and 1/3 of all lesbians are biological parents of one or more children (and, no, this does not include turkeybaster babies where the male is concerned). So, please, enlighten us. What are you implying?

Is it that all worspaces would be decorated fabulously, and that women would be able to fix household snafus easily (not counting bug killing, of course, as most lesbian moms do count on their sons to perform that task just like heterosexual moms do)? What is it? A grerat dialogue could be had if you would be open about what you wish to say. How about it?.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

New Set of questions about sex and sin

Rather than questioning
God's commands, maybe we should just obey them. I never had a teacher who allowed me to change the questions on a test just because I did not like them. I reject the premise that we have any right to judge what the Scriptures teach. About sin and sex. Rather I believe we will be judged by them. In the words of John Wesley, "In all cases the Church is to be judged by the Scripture, not Scripture by the Church.". I must say that I side with Jesus on that, not MS Heath.

Rev. Mike Childs more than 8 years ago

George Nixon Shuler

My friend, whenever you say "...the scriptures teach that..." you are judging scripture. It appears to me your assertion the author and "Jesus" are on opposite sides of a debate is not supported by fact or scripture.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

If everyone...

A basic ethical/moral question begins, " If everyone...?" So, if everyone were homosexual....?

Buddy Whatley more than 8 years ago

in the image of God

Buddy, you missed the point. Don't worry or confuse Rev. Heaths discussion. God loves diversity and your "worry" about "everyone being homosexual" is off topic. We are homo sapiens and some of us, generation after generation are oriented to love someone of our own gender. But we are all,
all people, to avoid practicing 'vehemens.' Do no harm. Love your neighbor as yourself. And be gentle and kind, remembering that you are 'imago Dei.'

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago