A Note to The United Methodist Church

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How long will this go on?

I AGREE emphatically with Lauren's original "Note . . . "
It does not require disregarding biblical teaching to include LGBT's as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ -- it only requires considering the whole of scripture.
It is amazing that some can accept LGBT's in baptism, in church membership, in ministry--and certainly accept LGBT financial support -- but, then stop short of ordination and blessings. It make no sense--and some day, this too will pass. It could have been now . . . but, no, the carnage will continue.
It makes me very sad.
Let's get over this constant quibbling about who's in and who's out -- and rejoice with everyone whom the Spirit leads to the faith.
Let's love as God loves--everyone, everywhere. Period.

Patricia more than 10 years ago

Response to Note to the UMC

I read the post by the Episcopal priest. I, too, am gay. However, I could not disagree with her more. Though I am gay and Methodist, I do not expect my church to change its historical teachings for me. The post by Rev. Kilbourn is moving. However, she never once addressed the Holy Bible. Should the UMC pick and chose which scriptures are to be followed? Are we to water down Christianity so our message is more in line with our secular world?

I am so pleased with the UMC's decision on this issue. Now, I know that I am a minority within the GLBTG community. I am a Christian conservative -- almost oxymoronic is it not? However, I have watched many mainline protestant denominations water down Biblical truths. The Presbyterian USA church as well as the Episcopal Church (and a number of others) have seen fit to disregard scripture and adopt social positions that are more in line with a secular/liberal world view. I do not want the UMC to follow this dangerous road. If we keep watering down Christianity, what will we eventually have left? I do not want a church that does not espouse the primacy of scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Too many Christians this day in age want to be a part of a church that practices inclusivity without preaching or emphasizing repentance and transformation.

There will be some who will read this and say how can a gay man defend his church's teaching on this issue. Let me say this: I am sinner. I come to God for healing and forgiveness. Now, I do not believe my sin is any worse or different than a heterosexual's. But I also do not feel that my sexuality gives me the right to rewrite scripture or expect the church to change its teaching so I can feel more comfortable in church. The church should not change. I should change and be more like Christ. To all those who disagree with me, I send me love and prayers. May God bless us all.

Herman more than 10 years ago

Episcopal Priest's Post

Your words are nice and quite secular. You don't adequately address the following: Are we Chrisitans to disregard biblical teaching? Are we to water down the gospel to make it more appealing in today's world? Are we only to preach those sections of the bible that are palatable to others? I am glad the UMC made this decision. I would hate for our church to be the Episcopal Church or the Presbyterian Church USA. Your denomination has seen a mass exodus over this issue. A personal friend left your church to become an Anglican. I am proud of the UMC for upholding the bible. Other denominations should follow suit.

William Lee more than 10 years ago