A Texas-Sized Wakeup Call for the WCA

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Not true reporting, again

As usual, the news is biased. I shouldn't be disappointed by the media version, but I am. I have never been so proud to be a Kentucky Methodist. The discipline and the church has been vitiated by media and those who follow the liberal view. To try to steal all the basis and foundation of the methodist church is criminal, it is time that we must pursue this avenue. If not, there will continue to be no witness and a stalemate for all. If anyone truly loves the Lord and wants to make disciples for Jesus, then a separation must occur ASAP.

Tracy more than 1 year ago

Map Interpretation

What do the colors on the map mean? This is not made clear and there should be an explanation that is easy to understand.

Bill Lewis more than 1 year ago

Updated Map

The map has been updated with some clarification of what the colors mean. This is the map as of June 21, with one Annual Conference still to be determined.

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago

Now what

It looks like the progressive wave came up short. Is mainstream usa willing to negotiate or is the goal to wrestle each other to death. Even if 2020 ends up in a draw 2024 and 2028 will see traditionalists gain more strength. We are not a us denomination and the non us conferences will soon solely be in charge.

Scott more than 1 year ago

Don’t gloat

If it ends up being we Traditionalists who leave, so be it. We will be fine letting you have a name and a brand that has has lost all meaning.

John more than 1 year ago


Indeed, UMC has lost all meaning.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

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