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Lebola for gay marriage

It is custom in South Africa that the bride's family pay Lebola to the groom's family. I heard a story of a lesbian black couple who got married and the one paid the other's family Lebola. This was a traditional rural family. Things are improving!

LindseyLou more than 8 years ago

Excellent commentary

Nice analysis. African homophobia is primarily a creation of American and European christian influence through our colonization and missionaries, not unlike homophobia elsewhere. Religious fervor leading to homophobia tends to strike proliterian and petit bourgeios folks in all societies - as Jilly Martin commented, "The English Lord believes in God because he knows God believes in him." The author does well in providing a meta-analysis and the exception of South Africa is highly significant. The Episcopal Bishop John Bruno of Los Angeles, a former LAPD officer himself with a keen sense of street smarts for a major cleric, recalled discussing the making of V. Gene Robinson, a gay priest from New Hampshire, a Bishop. Bruno's African colleague was highly uninformed about LGBT life in America and elsewhere and felt prior to asking Bruno about it that surely Robinson's partner (now husband) wore feminine dress and primarily performed domestic chores. By explaining such misconceptions Bruno was able to help plant seeds for a more nuanced concept of sexuality.

George N. Shuler, LCSW more than 8 years ago

Much to learn and understand world-wide

Thank you, Rev. Taylor Walters Denyer. The new South Africa has a great constitution!!!!!
Much of the "kill the gays" energy went to Africa from narrow-minded, unscholarly, anti-gay U.S.A.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago