Can 'Social Justice' Christianity be Anti-Gay?



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The rhetoric of "colonial strategy"?

Rev. Guyton, I do wonder if your construction of the role of people of color in these movements is more rhetorically charged than accurate. I admit to knowing nothing about the ECC, but I know a fair amount about the UMC and WCA. I am troubled by the insincerity of my elite white colleagues who have for years promoted listening to global perspectives (even to the point of making this a standard for assessing seminaries in the Association of Theological Schools) now suggesting that we need a United Methodism unconstrained by the backwards thinking of African Methodism (for example). It has seemed to me that the WCA has, in this respect at least, shown greater honor to global perspectives than the liberal/progressive wing of the UMC. Now, you'll say perhaps that the WCA has pushed their African sisters and brothers to the fore because they agree on this point, but it is equally true that many in the UMC would be happy to find some way to restructure the UMC so as to exclude the votes of African Methodists who do not support Western liberalism on this point. I'm not sure that the WCA is trying to cast African Methodists as examples of "the Rapidly Growing Global Church That Stands 100% In Line With The Agenda And Priorities Of White Evangelicalism," either. I think that traditionalists are very open to having the effects of whiteness on Western evangelicalism healthily challenged by evangelicals of color from other global locations. (Indeed, I've personally devoted no little energy to this in my teaching and writing.)

David Arthur deSilva more than 1 year ago


I grew up in the ECC. They have standards. You do not.

EJ more than 2 years ago

So did Saul

How did that work out?

JR more than 2 years ago

Saul post-Damascus

No reader of Paul's letters could honestly say that Saul/Paul did not have very carefully defined standards on this side of his encounter with the glorified Christ. The apostle who repeatedly urged community discipline of the wayward? Who boldly called his congregants no longer to be what they once were (giving a long list of examples), but to live according to new standards? Who called for the complete mortification of the passions of the flesh (there's something American Christians don't consider often enough!) to make room for complete surrender to the Spirit? Paul is not the hero of inclusivism without standards.

David Arthur deSilva more than 1 year ago