Can These Evangelical Leaders Save the Movement?



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can these evangelical leaders save the movement

Steve's article should be required reading for folks on the left, center and right of the UM highway. "Evangelical" has been hijacked by a distinctly different type of fundamental-ism shamelessly aligned with right-wing and reactionary secular political views. One note of hope is that not one of Trump's clergy cheerleaders-advisors is a United Methodist, an omission that speaks volumes. While Steve's article properly focuses on the perils of uncritical alignment of conservative religion and politics, I do miss even a simple disclaimer from Steve (who is very 'evangelical' in my book, despite some difference on certain issues) that progressive religion and politics have a similar and dangerous friendship; beware sending the unintended signal that joining a progressive church or registering as a Democrat are pretty much the same...

bob more than 3 years ago