Christians Must Choose Between Heritage and Empathy



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Christians must choose between heritage and empathy.

There is more to this than heritage and empathy. Christians are called to have allegiance to God's reign first and foremost, not any human government. We are called to love God and neighbor. We are not called to honor our historic heritage if it may conflict with loving God and neighbor. While empathy can be good, it is not required to be obedient to the call of Jesus to deny self and follow him.

Gary Olsen-Hasek more than 4 years ago

Not as easy as it seems......

This issue is not as easy as it sounds and not near as clear cut. Lee believed slavery was wrong. He said so in a letter from the 1850's. Other confederate generals believed as such. General James Longstreet said that the southern states should have freed the slaves and then succeeded from the union. Slavery was a moral issue at the center of a greater controversy of states rights. Less than 20% of whites owned slaves in the south. But all who fought fought to defend state's rights and for honor of their state. What non-southerners do not understand is the honor southerners are raised to uphold from infancy. The reason General Lee is held in such high esteem is his sense of duty to his home state of Virginia and the principle of self-rule. The issue of states rights is still alive today. In fact, in light of all the political discord today, putting the power back to the states may be the only way to preserve our country in the future. A loose confederation of states is what our founders envisioned. As for the statues, take them down and place them in museums. Do not saw them up and erase our history as the cultural marxists are attempting.

Jeff more than 4 years ago