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When Asked to Perform a Same-Sex Wedding

There seems to be a lot of anxiety among UM clergy (and others) about what they can say, besides "It's against the rules of our denomination," when asked to perform a same-sex wedding. Let me try to ease a few anxieties here.

In all 50 states of the United States, plus the District of Columbia, clergy whose denominations allow them to solemnize weddings are given permission (as in "MAY") act as an agent of the state in affirming that a marriage has taken place. However, they also ALL make it clear that no clergy can be forced to perform a wedding on terms that are in conflict with his/her religious beliefs or denominational laws. Christy's suggestion that a UM pastor could suggest the name(s) of some clergy in the area who could perform a same-sex wedding would be in order.

And, if the couple, or members of their family were active in a church I served, as their pastor I would attend the wedding, even though I could not perform it. Regardless of where a couple gets married, I still have to be a pastor to those in my church. There is absolutely nothing in our polity that prohibits us from attending anyone's wedding, same-sex or heterosexual.

Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith more than 6 years ago

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