A Violation of Integrity: Coming Out as a Lesbian Clergyperson?



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Totally not understanding the closet

Living in the closet was not Rev. Meyer's choice. It was imposed upon her by a church that told her she could be gay as long as she didn't "self-proclaim" her "practice". The church officially has a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. The standards say that as long as you don't "self-proclaim" aka don't tell anyone you are ok. This is our policy. Yes she lied about the fact that she was attracted to women, but attraction isn't forbidden. Sexual Orientation is not forbidden. Only telling about whether you have acted upon your attraction is forbidden. My understanding is that Rev. Meyer has only been in a relationship for a short time. But really, it doesn't matter. As a denomination we are ok with people not telling, in fact we require it.

Sarah J Rohret more than 5 years ago

Thomas article

I'm confused - how is living in a commitment relationship with a same gender partner while 'in the closet' comparable to having an AFFAIR in secret? This analogy escapes me!

Bev Hume more than 5 years ago

The problem is this

People confuse having a sexual orientation different from most people with sexual acts. Our own Discipline writers did that themselves with their contemptible phrase, "...the PRACTICE of homosexuality..". A sexual orientation is a noun, not a verb. The verb is, supposedly, what is not permitted. We have no way of knowing who's making the beast with two backs unless we install nanny cams in every room of our parsonages. And who hasn't heard of "lesbian bed death"? We have plenty of hets who've been married for decades and never or infrequently have sex. So unless someone walked in on lovers in a moment of intimacy, one time got no case.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago