Gluten-Free = Gay-Free? A Call to Consistency #UMC



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We all take gluten-free

We used to offer both breads, regular at most stations and gluten-free at one, and have now gone to serving gluten-free at all stations so as to treat all comers the same. So far, there have been no problems for the dozen or so with celiac disease who partake in using the common chalice, but you have raised a concern that we communion stewards should consider.

Beverly Pryor more than 7 years ago

Gluten free bread

I guess your take would be that we should all partake of gluten free bread to accommodate you. I would suspect that if you discussed your sensitively to anything not gluten with you church you would be accommodated. Whether or not you partake of the sacrament is between God and you. I wouldn't think that part of the invitation has anything to do with your sexuality.

Gene D Mims more than 7 years ago