Praying for Ted Nugent?



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Ted is one complex individual

...who had a few hits back in the day, but, as aging stars go, his best hope was to join his agemates playing county fairs and the like, until he decided to go into niche marketing by becoming a right-wing nut. Those who know him well feel he is a kind man, but, they're all white and right-wing too. Like a lot of entertainers he;s not operating with a lot of intellectual heft. I believe he has suffered the fate of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s protagonist in "Mother Night," played in the movie version by Nick Nolte, the story of an American who pretended to be a supporter of Hitler but was actually a spy for our side, but the powers that be told him beforehand his real role would never be acknowledged, so he died reviled and a broken man. "Whatever you pretend to be, that's what you are." Yes, let's keep him in our prayers as well as his estranged ex-wife and children.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Nugent and prayer

For me, praying for Ted Nugent is no different than praying for any fellow human. It is to express compassion for one stricken by great weakness, and to save ourselves from the spiritual toxin of rancor and vindictiveness. I can't imagine how Nugent is seen in the mind of God, it's entirely out of my comprehension. I don't even care to pray for God to show his mercy toward him, since this assumes claims I can't honestly make--that there is God's wrath that we plead not be shown, or that somehow we need to remind God to show his mercy. Prayer can help free me of a sense of superior righteousness, even as I am morally repelled by Nugent's attitudes.

Gilbert H. Vieira more than 7 years ago