Ritual and Resistance: Worship Suggestions



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This is actualy pretty good

It reminds me of our experiences when we lived in Barstow, California (no Jay Leno meth lab jokes, please). We were members of First UMC there but we were drawn to the nearby Episcopal by personal connections and amazed at the intense spirituality of the members there we knew. All of them, from the grieving widowed gay man and a thrice-divorced female accountant on the run from her mobbed-up ex-bosses, both of whom were in discernment for the Episcopal priesthood to the Republican clubwoman who palled around with our neglectful landlord's wife and considered herself an "Anglican Catholic," they all found comfort and joy in the Book of Common Prayer and the Liturgy. And after umpteen joint reading of "O Gracious Light," so did we. In contrast our UMC was divided and bureaucratized - we had a married couple of Lay Speakers who were involved in that dreadful Walk to Emmaus cult within the UMC and wanted to turn the UMC into Westboro Baptist Church; some old duffers on the finance committee who liked to hide away the funds in unaccountable hidey holes, some minority folks who shared our views but were not inclined to speak up against Mr. and Mrs. Westboro's bullying, and the rest were folks who'd come late to services and never stay afterward to chat. In contrast the Episcopal group we knew and loved had it going on, and the priest tried her level best to lure us into their ranks, but the prospect of the animating contest for justice in the UMC kept us right in this flawed but potentially vital denomination, and now halfway across the country we still are UMC. I now see in this passage some of the "what" those Episcopalians had gotten which our own UMC lacked. Thanks.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago