United Methodists, Take Notice: This Could Be Our Future



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Leaving Denomination and Taking Property

This has been tried in recent years by Episcopal Churches, with varying degrees of success. It was news to me, but not a big surprise, that Highland Park Presbyterian is trying it. To my knowledge, few if any such attempts in the UMC have been upheld in secular courts. That's not to say, though, that the BOD's trust clause will always win the day. Quite honestly, the chances of General Conference approving the same steps which the Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches have taken in recent years regarding openly gay clergy are slim to none, in my estimation. So those who leave the UMC, with or without their property, will tend to be those who hope for a wider tent but regret that the UMC will never become one.

Jeanne Devine more than 7 years ago

The author forgot...

...that Pope Francis walked it back quite a bit the next day to appease right-wing Catholics. Still the point is well-taken. We could have a big tent...if the right-wing would get over its' ignorance and homophobia. But then they would cease to be right-wing.

BTW, Hi, Jeanne! I visited my mother's church, Trinity UMC, when you were the pastor there, and spoke to you briefly about her situation after my father's death.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

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