DACA and The Failure of Atonement



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What we have here...

...is legalism, purely and simply. This is the doctrine of The Pharisees, and of today's Religious Right. The lack of compassion for LGBTQs and women with unwanted pregnancies is consistent in most cases with a lack of compassion for immigrants. And it was reflected in Republican Primary elections in 2016. The main contest was between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, although there were sideshows like the establishmentarian candidacy of John Kasich - himself a very conservative politician but with openness to stray from orthodoxy, and the disastrous run of Jeb Bush. But with the exceptions mostly of Oklahoma and Wisconsin, in states where the Religious Right dominated the primary electorate, Mr. Trump performed far better than Senator Cruz in almost all these states, even though Senator Cruz's position on immigration issues was similar to Mr. Trump's, although lacking the passion, and Mr. Trump positioned himself to the left of Senator Cruz on the hot button social issues like transgender rights, although Mr. Trump delivered for the fundagelical base. There can be no doubt that Trump primary voters favored his anti-immigrant passion.

I once had the privilege to do intensive therapy with a "Dreamer." His childhood memories of the run for the border were significantly moving. If we U.S. born folks were faced with the decision to immigrate without the legality of it knowing our families could be provided for better, facing violence in their native lands, we would eagerly do the same, considering the red tape required for legal immigration.

Research has shown Mr. Cruz did better among conservative Christian voters who are regular church attendees. That indeed is likely so, but there again is the fact that Senator Cruz's identical position to Mr. Trump's minus the passion, ironic considering his own family's immigration from Cuba by way of Canada.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago


We should have no borders and let everyone into America. We must provide food, housing and health care to everyone. that is Christian. Those who have alot should give it to the poor. The church should atone for their sins and open their doors and monies to the poor and those who have been down trodden in America.

Mike Smith more than 4 years ago