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So, as long as no one is killed, persecution is OK?

So, it seems to be the other commenter's position that because gay people aren't killed for being gay, then discrimination is OK. Well, whoever you are, you need to come out from under your rock. Gay people have been fired, thrown out of their homes, beaten, and yes, even killed...not to mention the youth suicides from those young people bullied literally to death.

But it doesn't matter, in this country, it was settled law a long time ago that once you open a business you become a public accommodation, and you serve everyone. If you have a problem with that, don't open a business, or open it in some other country that doesn't provide equal rights to all.

We're talking here about discrimination, and we don't do it in this country...I'm sorry you were apparently born in or brought to a country where that is the truth. And you are correct about "persecution." So why is it I keep hearing all these so called "christians" on my TeeVee telling me how they're being persecuted?

They are not being persecuted, because as you note, they're not being killed. And guess what, they are also not being discriminated against. If they are a business owner, nothing is being expected of them than what is expected of every business. And guess what else...they can still pray to whatever god or goddess they choose, they can go to whatever church or other house of worship they want, on whatever day they want...and can believe whatever they want about their god, and can say whatever ugly and bigoted things they want to say about LGBT people. Nothing has changed for them in Indiana, or anywhere else, with or without the RFRA laws, and marriage-quality, should it come to pass, will also not change that.

As a Christian, people who say these things, and claim there version of Christianity is the only correct one have made me, finally, embarrassed to identify as a Christian. So, just stop it. Stop couching your bigotry behind your religion. I hate to tell you, but your religion doesn't permit it, if you are really a Christian. You can cherry pick verses, and read things out of context, and proof-text scripture all day, but the dirty little secret is that Christ prohibits you using his church as your vehicle of hate. So just stop it.

BJohnM more than 6 years ago

sauce for the goose....

In some predominantly Muslim countries, homosexual behavior is a capital offense. In America, no gays are executed by the state for their sexual behavior. Not being served by a pizza parlor in Indiana is not real persecution.

You know what persecution really is? Facing execution for your sexual behavior.

In gracious, Christian language, Rev. Folkerth tells evangelicals to grow up and get a life. I won't throw that language back at an elder of my denomination. I will simply request that my brother in Christ note that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

And I will pray that his seething anger and contempt be turned into a more Christ-like witness.

Andrew Wayne more than 6 years ago