Divided and Broken



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"divided and broken"

People and the BoD have been wrong so many times!!!!!!!!slavey, not ordaining women, not letting different races be in the same congregation. And the BoD says "Sex is God's good gift..." but non-
heterosexuals are not to open that gift???????????
Please read <um-insight.net/blogs/jeremy-smith/top-25-ways-united-methodists-don't27t-uphold-

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 7 years ago

Divided and Broken by Ignorance

Barbara Davis, Please stop reading scripture by searching for verses that seem to support your fears
and please understand that our Creator God made each and everyone of us with our own sexual orientation--most of us as heterosexuals but a constant minority of us as non-heterosexuals. God made me who I am, and has never asked me to "change." God made Katharine Lee Bates to be a lesbian--her song is in our hymnals--the unofficial national anthem. God created her partner, Katharine Comen to be a lesbian and never asked either one of them to change. God created Raymond Burr -- who played the most gentlemanly lawyer on TV. The man was gay, and God was OK with that--having created him that way.
You do know, I hope, that two chapters before the actual destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah God announced He would need to destroy those people because they were wealthy but failed to take care of their widows and orphans. The two places were not destroyed because of homosexuality.
The definition of homosexuality is one man loving another man. There was no love in the hearts of the drunken crowd, and if any 'sex acts' had taken place it would have been gang-rape. The issue was about inhospitality. You know, I hope, that there were no Motel 6's in the area. The Hebrew law and that of other tribal people was hospitality...to offer shelter and food to travelers, so Lot was hosting the two men/angels.
Where you see the Bible condemning gay men and lesbians, you see badly translated verses.
Did you miss the verses about Jonathan disrobing in front of David? Reading that about a man and a woman, you know the next thing that happens is a love scene. Did you skip the verse wherein David said that the love of Jonathan was better than that of women?!!!!!! And he had many, many women. So I guess he would be called Bisexual.
And did you miss the ancestress of David, the non-Jewish woman who left her home-country and pledged her faithfulness to Naomi? Ruth did not take her baby over to Boaz and "live happily ever
after, having ten more kids with him" -- but took the baby home to Naomi and the two women raised him together -- a lesbian couple if ever I saw one.
And what about the women, always named together, who housed and fed Jesus?
There are verses against the cultic fertility rites, using human sexual activity to 'bring down fertility on their crops and herds.' We no longer think that that works...but it is not homosexuality as we know it.
Any Bible using the word 'homosexual' is wrong.....because that word did not exist in any of the ancient languages.
Rev. Christina Perkins, please know that God just loves diversity. Know that faithfulness within the relationship is the issue the church should concern itself with, not the sexual orientation of the two spouses.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 7 years ago

Charlotte Bronte had it right

In the preface to the second edition of "Jane Eyre," she responded to critics who were scandalized at the notion the orphan Jane could rise in status to marry an aristocrat. They called the social class system "the appointment of God". "Conventionality is not morality," Bronte wrote, "To pluck the mask from the Pharisee is not to raise an impious hand to the Crown of Thorns."

So it is with the struggles of today. What those who oppose marriage equality are for is conventionality, not morality. They just want to feel superior, just like Bronte's critics did.

Any rational discussion of sexual orientation and marriage customs in biblical times must focus on the reality of the culture there. People were expected to get married, especially girls. Marriages were arranged. The idea people should marry for love is at best a little over 100 years old in terms of it being the conventional wisdom (there's that term again!). Married men all the time had sex with their slaves, handmaidens, concubines, and prostitutes. The nature of marriage customs were to keep men sexually free and women in the opposite status. The whining about "changing the definition" of marriage? Heck, it's been changing for millions of years.

Nobody knew what homosexuals were until researchers like Kraft-Ebbing and Freud studied them. "Sodomy" is another inexact term, often meaning any sex that's not the missionary position in the dark, sometimes only anal sex, and sometimes anything else. Most anal sex is engaged in by heterosexuals. Some gay men do not have anal sex. Some lesbians do. The Levitican and Pauline clobber passages all refer to custom, not morality. Some neighboring tribes to the ancient Hebrews employed some cultic priestesses who were transvestites of the type that were biologically men but dressed as women, as prostitutes. The Leviticans wanted to prohibit patronizing them. They had no idea of any connection between sex and love. Paul was an Hellenistic Jew and as such familiar with the Platonic ideal that real love physical or otherwise was only possible between men as women were lesser beings. The idea of sexual orientation would have confused the post-exile Hebrews who wrote Leviticus in an attempt to regain what was lost that failed miserably.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Divided and Broken

I have friends that are gay and I too would love to tell them it's in the Bible stating it is okay to marry, but the Bible clearly states it is not. We also have another warning,

So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.

Barbara Davis more than 7 years ago


Right-wingers sure love that warning to the Laeodocians, but it's hard to see how it applies. What is more lukewarm than refusing to stand up for justice?

BTW, this article needs biographical information about the author included.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

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