Does the Blogosphere Reinforce White, American Male Privilege in the UMC?

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Does Blogosphere Reinforce the UMC

You say "if the blogosphere becomes a forum for decision-making in the UMC" and while I have no problem accepting the conclusion that white American male privilege is reinforced by their presence in blogging, why do you conclude that our crucial decision-making happens within, or because of, those blogs? How many UMC decision-makers, i.e., delegates to General Conference, are well-read in terms of these blogs when there are so many other forms of information and discussion available? There are only a few of the AWM bloggers that I read and I can almost predict their points of view. I read them and mentally debate them, but as a female I rarely discuss because "discussion" is a synonym for "argument" and I am not comfortable in their environment. But tell me why you assume that these bloggers are, simply because they blog frequently, the decision-makers? more than 7 years ago