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“A Forum for Discerning God’s Will for the United Methodist Church “
Perhaps it is time for a name change. I fail to see how this post is in any way descriptive of United Methodist beliefs or insightful regarding God’s Will for our denomination. Is anyone at UM Insight being discerning regarding what is being posted on this site? This post is the second one I have read this week from apparently a clergy member that appears more concerned with the will of the Democratic Party than the will of God. Thank you Kevin for your response. Sorry, Rev. Burklo, but there is essentially nothing in your post with which I can find common ground. Maybe we should start with basics. Do you believe in a Creator God, maker of Heaven and earth? Who, to you, is Jesus? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? What is your understanding of the teachings of Jesus with regards to these questions?

Scott S 180 days ago

Save democracy

Apparently, he does not realize we live in a republic not a democracy. Our founding fathers recognized the danger of mob rule and built in some safeguards to prevent that. Look to the French revolution and the reign of terror that followed for an example of that. That ended with a military dictatorship under Napolean. Looking at some of his comments;

“denounce a president they secretly despise.” There is no evidence that president Trump’s supporters secretly despise him. Judging by the enthusiasm at his rallies I would claim the opposite.

“The vision must start with the preservation and improvement of democracy itself” We do not live in a democracy but in a republic with 50 states. Our founding fathers created to two house system for passing legislation so that the peoples representatives and the states senators must both agree for a bill to become law.

“We will only follow media outlets that have a track record of verifying the information they disseminate” I would love to know who these outlets are. Every major newspaper and media outlet has been caught spreading fake news, anti-semitism and biased reporting.

“And we'll donate or subscribe to high-quality media outlets” And those would be…?

“We will take scientific consensus seriously, and be skeptical of any claim that goes against it” Unless it concerns the viability of a fetus before birth in which case the mother can decide to terminate a life.

“We envision direct election of the president by a majority of all American voters, eliminating or disempowering the antiquated Electoral College system.” This would take a change to our constitution so good luck with that. The Electoral College was another safeguard against mob rule. Each state gets electors based upon the number of senators and congressmen. This is why candidates must campaign in smaller states as well as the more populated ones. Without that our presidents would be elected by the voters of New York City, Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles. I certainly would not want that and can’t believe anyone else would.

“an executive branch that submits to legislative oversight” This would mean the executive branch is subordinate to the legislative. It isn’t. They are co-equal.

“We envision our people being free to worship or practice the faith of their choice, or no faith at all - without letting people impose their religious beliefs on others through discrimination.” This is simply saying worship Whoever you like on Sunday but do not even think about trying to live out your beliefs the rest of the week. You will bake cakes for gay weddings whether or not you approve.

“Impeachment is an unfortunate necessity” No, it is a tool of last resort requiring a super majority in the Senate to remove from office. This is why it rarely happens. We do not remove a President over policy differences.

His envisioning would lead to tyranny and totalitarianism.

Kevin 183 days ago

Save what?

The US is a federal representative republic not a democracy. Therefore there’s nothing to save

Richard F Hicks 183 days ago


Our GenConf is a serial a Rumi “Conference of the Birds”. Y’all gotta read

Richard F Hicks 183 days ago


Direct democracies have always ended in chaos. The Electoral College and the Senate were the tools the founders chose to keep the tyranny of the majority in check.

RJ 183 days ago

Relax. Eat turkey. Watch football. Trump's going nowhere.

Saul, Soloman, Ahad, Heakiah, Nebuchadnezzear – five famous imperfect leaders chosen by God to do great things.
Donald Trump – famous imperfect leader chosen by 63,000,000 Americans to great things.
So far, our economy is up and leads the world. This might not mean much to millennials who still live at home, but to those who work to eat, to provide for others, to have something to share with the needy, and simply recognize the personal satisfaction of having a job, earning a check, creating something new, just taking part in real life, a good economy is a great thing.
To those who want a safer country for our children, grand-children, friends and neighbors, appreciate a strong military and sincere efforts to seal our borders against evil, allowing a door through which only those who will add to our American life, not injure or drain, may enter – under our control. Walls work. Prisons prove it. Israel proves it. That you lock your doors at night proves it.
If Trump seems a bit authoritarian, he has fought a press which has preached “impeach” since inauguration day, a congress which has fought him on everything, and the general cancer of liberalism (socialism) as exemplified by the “Squad”. So, a “wuss” demeanor would have failed from the start.
I chose Donald Trump to do some tough things. I wouldn’t know if God chose Trump – He chose the five above, so who knows... I chose Trump, and while I am just a Deplorable, I am not alone and we are very happy and thankful! Happy Thanksgiving.

Reese Turner 183 days ago

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