Five Keys to Find Common Ground This Election Season



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"Common Ground"- Not When It Comes To America's Future

With a higher level of naivete’ than would be found children’s day care centers, Rev. Mark Feldmeir, misrepresents this election as a discussion between two pals. It is NOT. It is WAR!
We are at the intersection of good vs. evil; Capitalism and freedom vs. socialism and political correctness. The goal of each side is to win, not to have a civil discussion. It is WAR!
“Common ground”? There can be no common ground with those who seek to overturn the foundations of our American way of life. Nor can there be civil discussions with those who forgive the wrecking of our cities, the destruction of businesses built by brave entrepreneurs, the wonton attack upon those who risk their lives to protect us from crime and chaos! Common ground with anarchists and socialists is a mirage in the desert of liberal logic.
Imperfect as our country was, is and will be (it is, after all, inhabited by humans), America remains the preferred destination of nearly all of the world’s people who desire a change of address. They are not desiring “common ground”, they want freedom and opportunity and safety. Does the chaos in our large liberal cities represent those things? Do the promises of more control and higher taxes say “freedom and opportunity”?
“Common ground” is compromise. Being confronted by anarchy and socialism, I’m afraid I have no compromise or use for those who suggest it. My demeanor will remain “General Patton”, not “Mother Theresa” when it comes to my America.

Reese more than 1 year ago

and where is Jesus?

Reese After peeling away all the emotionally-charged, politically motivated buzz words and either-or divisivness one must ask; 'where does Jesus fit into this dystopian outlook? Where is; 'love your enemy, do good to those who hate you?' Where is 'love your neighbor as you love yourself'? Perhaps one way to view 'Politically Correct' might be shown by such words as; empathetic, caring, loving, sensitive, thoughtful, Christ-like. The statement; 'my demeanor will remain General Patton not 'Mother Theresa when it comes to my America' leaves me feeling a deep sense of sorrow and emptiness. It is not 'your country' it is not
'my country' it is God's Creation and we get to be responsible stewards of it. We can walk arm-in-arm even
when we don't see eye-to-eye or as John Wesley reminded us; "If your heart is with my heart give me your hand".

wil more than 1 year ago