Getting Practical: What Would a Robustly Christian Vision for UM-related Schools Involve?



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Religious Based Higher Education

Is always a viable option, but today the emphasis in discussing it is focused primarily - that is, as a whole, not just UMC higher education - on two unattainable objectives (1) enforce draconian codes on youthful highjinks especially as related to sex and alcohol; and (2) seek to enforce opprobrium against honest doubt in faith.

I'm originally from Texas, where the Southern Baptists' Baylor University is called "The Buckle on the Bible Belt." Right-wing parents seek to send their kids there, especially girls, because they erroneously believe it'll keep them virgins and sober. Nothing could be a more ridiculous assumption. The highjinks which occurs is magnified there due to its forbidden fruit aspect. At least they teach good math skills, because the family and friends of the brides and grooms married in the chapel there are experienced in counting the months between the wedding the birth of a child and they seem to frequently calculate a number less than nine.

By and large Methodist Universities harbor no such illusions. Consequently our grads emerge relatively less pregnant and less skeptical of deity.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago