How Not to React to the Decline of Christianity in America



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The United Methodist Church has made many mistakes: thinking that God approved of slavery, refusing to let non-whites be members, refusing to ordain women, and now refusing to understand that among all forms of living beings--including human beings--some individuals are interested in close intimate relationships with a being of one's own gender.
Arguments against having this minority of people be full members is making our denomination (our people) look foolish. Throughout history there have always been people (and other created beings (i.e., animals) who loved and wanted to have companionship with someone of their own gender. There are examples in scripture. Reading scripture with the eyes of a lesbian, I see that a number of the women who supported Jesus and helped spread his love and teachings were lesbian couples. David and Jonathan clearly were two gay men. Oh, yes, David had heterosexual sex: he needed to provide an heir. But, think carefully about what David said about his love for Jonathan.

Elsie Gauley Vega. more than 6 years ago


Ms. Vega, those who made the mistakes you described were not relying on the Bible. No one could read Philemon and still believe God supported slavery. And there is nothing in the Bible that supports homosexual relationships, period. Never once are they mentioned favorably. Finally, David did not have a homosexual relationship with Jonathon. But…if he had…it would have been sinful just like his relationship with Bathsheba was sinful.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 6 years ago