Ignoring the Discipline Doesn't Doom the UMC



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UMW and the BOD

The BOD also, states that all UMC churches will have a functioning UMW. I know for a fact that many churches no longer have this group. In my own church, we struggle all the time with diminishing numbers. The 20,30 and 40 y.o. women simply say they do not have the time for one more committee or group. So, any church without a UMW group is also, disobeying the BOD.

Christine Speight more than 7 years ago

violating BOD

25 ways we violate the BOD

Scott more than 7 years ago


Check out this blog on other violations - http://hackingchristianity.net/2013/03/did-your-pastor-break-the-covenant-yesterday.html

Scott more than 7 years ago

Ignoring the Discipine

As conference secretary for 18 years of the former Troy Conference, I whole-heartedly agree with the writer of this article. I can almost unequivocallly say, I have witnessed every bishop I served under and every clergy person AND layperson I have worked with VIOLATE the Book of Discipline. The violations have been as simple as not filling out reports, to bishops not following due process to trust funds being used without authorization to pedophelia and continual cover up of said pedophiles. Dis-obedience to the Book of Discipline is rampant in all sectors of the denomination and in all theological persuasions. I guarantee you that if the life of the man who brought charges against Rev. Schaefer were to come under scrutiny, charges could be brought against him and a trial of a layperson be held. It's time we got over this litigious pseudo-christian behavior and take a cue from Jesus. Love one another as I have loved you.

Rev. Thomas L. Shanklin more than 7 years ago


Rev. Eckert's comment, "The threat to break up the church over violations of the "covenant" is being used as an emotional distraction covering efforts to take over the denomination and drive out diversity of all kinds" is a critical insight. These attempts have included setting up an alternative publishing house when our Discipline authorizes one, developing an alternative to the Disciplinary United Methodist Women, and promoting and funding an alternative missionary program. It won't be surprising to see us revisit the possibility of a loyalty oath to insist that United Methodists can only see the world in one way and that the Holy Spirit sent by Jesus won't break any new ground or bring an new understanding to us. It is just sad to have the Discipline used as a cudgel for holiness to divest us of principled leaders and a chain to yank people back into compliance with time-bound theories not grounded in the reality of people's lives. It is important to read Power Grab anytime we see Law divesting us of Grace.

Wesley White more than 7 years ago