Is Your Church a Christian Accessory for People without Problems?

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"Is Your Church an Accessory for People without Problems"

This article really touched my heart. As a regular church goer I ache that we don't know how to bring hurting people into our church community. We have an inclusive, loving community but we don't go out and find people that would benefit from our love and caring.

Marty Mayo more than 8 years ago

ministry means getting your hands dirty

Living a life for christ sometimes means going against the grain. Its not enough to do missions for "poor kids" when those in the churches fold are ignored. Sometimes the broken & bruised are right in front of the very pulpit love & compassion for others come from. It is the message these kids (and adults) receive after church that make the difference.
Girl minister suspected was in an abusive situation was given camp scholarship. One night we were asked to speak our greatest fears out loud to "give them to god", not suprisingly "X touches me & mommy won't do anything" comes out her mouth. Its real, its ugly & its truth. Instead of being wrapped in love by the group she is shunned as "dirty & slutty" starting with the childrens minister that had lead the group discussion. Not one adult was willing to stand up for this child, no one reported to police & ultimately she was sent home early "because she upset the other girls".

Image was all the adults cared about ultimately sending her home early to end up hospitalized from the "punishment" she received. My bible says we should help the sick, weak & tortured, yet that church sent a lamb to slaughter on the alter of public perception & image. Am wrong believing that Jesus had to have his hands & feet washed so often because he was actually getting dirty preaching to the masses?

Heather more than 8 years ago