2020 is the Perfect Year for Inclusive Christmas Carols



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Inclusive hymns?

Stop this political correctness mess! So called 'Christians' have issues with using the word 'Savior'? You have nothing to be saved from? You can't use ' Lord' because that encompasses true discipleship? You can't sing 'Glory to the newborn King' whose kingship is not of this world? You don't need to be saved from Satan's power which is seems to be showing up everywhere today? The traditional words are already inclusive for those who have repented and seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

William Pearsall more than 1 year ago

other terms for 'politically correct'

Rather than disdainfully dismissing fellow human beings using the term 'political correctness' to further division maybe if the thinking was directed toward being aware and thereby inclusive of all of God's precious children using such terms as; 'caring', 'thoughtful', 'sensitive', 'loving', 'non-judgmental', 'Christ-like'. 'recipients of God's Unconditional Love'?

w.f. more than 1 year ago