Are Bishops Thermometers or Thermostats in the #UMC?



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bishops are politicians

I have often felt this dismay at the apparent failure of our bishops to lead us in this issue. Then I remember President Obama who spent several years saying his views on same sex marriage were "evolving." When the polls showed there was more support for same sex marriage in his party and the country, his VP leaked that he supported same sex marriage and the president followed up in an interview that same sex marriage was right in his "personal opinion." I believe our bishops are following the same course. In conferences where the majorty seem to support same sex marriages ands pastors who perform them, bishops have stated that they support same sex marriage in their personal opinion. They have resisted saying that the denomination is wrong in its denial of that right. Eventually, all 50 states will have same sex marriage and the pressure to request that pastors perform legal weddings for their same sex couples will be overwhelming. Bishops who prosecute such cases will receive more complaints from friends and family of the couples than they currently do from opponents. then the Bishops will state collectively that they will no longer prosecute these cases. Bishops are thermometers because they seem to view their highest priority as preservation of the denomination. it's not that they bless the status quo, per se. They just do everything they can to avoid schism. One day, they will realize that they lose more by opposing same sex marriage than they would by supporting it. You and I are the thermometers. let us turn up the heat.

Jeff more than 7 years ago


I meant to say, "You and I are the thermostats."

Jeff more than 6 years ago