Does 'The Anatomy of Peace' Practice What It Preaches?



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"But we also need to be honest when we say that this is a white committee’s claim to what African American protestors and what Palestinian tear-gas-endurers need to be doing differently. Are they right? Maybe. But by using fictional POCs as vehicles for white people’s beliefs, they have delivered a treatise on the heart of peace by using their hearts of war through objectification."

Who is the "white committee" here? If it is the people at Abingdon Press, then I would just point out that this book seems to be mostly marketed to white people who were middle age in the 1990s. They didn't sell these to Palestinians or black protesters.

If the 'white committee' is the committee within the UMC that recommended it, then the paragraph doesn't make sense as they didn't author the book. But more importantly, the 'white committee' made it suggested reading for conference leadership and delegates, ie people in power. It was recommended to progressives but also to conservatives. I feel like this line of reasoning falls flat.

But the more interesting thing is that this line of reasoning implies that loving your enemy doesn't actually work. Jeremy gives it a 'Maybe'. The linked article seems less generous. The idea here is that making the powerful feel loved doesn't change their hearts. That what they need is to be uncomfortable and then they will change. Two days ago I read that if you are made to carry a pack for 1 mile that you should carry it for 2.

Chad more than 1 year ago


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