Green badges
Will the church of the future require "green badges" of coronavirus-safe members? (DepositPhotos)

From Pew Boxes to Green Badges, Are Two-Tier Churches on the Horizon?



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Box pews

For those curious about this interesting subject, the book, "New England Meeting House and Church: 1630-1850", Peter Benes (ed.) discusses this in some detail. Not only did people own the boxes, but could sell and will to others as part of an estate. People could decorate their boxes with carpeting and seat cushions to their liking, though most places eventually adopted a uniform code for this. An amusing account is given of young people in the gallery gazing down and associating the various colors with personality traits of the box owners. A group left the First M. E. Church of Trenton, NJ, at one point as they desired to form a "pewed church." This was the upper class Methodist church in Trenton for many years.

David 326 days ago

From Pew boxes to green badges

Now I understand why the Pacific NW is referred to as the land of fruits and nuts. Bro Jeremy, why even make the suggestion that churches will pit vaccinated vs non-vaccinated church members against each other in the future? Should I also bring proof of my recent flu and pneumonia and shingles vaccinations, etc? You are describing an Orwellian society that we who live in the civilized portions of the US cannot even fathom. Sigh......

CJ Rose 328 days ago