Has the #UMC Abandoned Discipling Resources for the West & Northeast?



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Has the UMC Abandoned article.

for quite a number of years now I have been dismayed with the official publications of the UMC. I get them and sort of read them, but one thing I read first is the little blurbs about who wrote what article. Rarely are there any authors from the north or other jurisdictions of the UMC other than south.

I have felt as if the Southern, Bible Belt jurisdictions of the UMC have a strangle hold on the rest of us. This segment of the UMC has departed so far from Wesley and the wonderful benefits and graces of Methodism that it is hardly recognizable. When I attended most of the sessions of the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, I was dismayed to see all the back slapping and glad handing that was going around among the right wing jurisdictions and delegates. It was quite disgusting. When one delegate equated GLBT people as engaging in bestiality and the Council of Bishops did NOTHING to stop such abuse, I was ready to bolt. For that reason I find solace in the mother church. The Pope is looking quite "christian" these days.

Whomever is running the UMPublishing house and editing our publications, there is definitely a slant away from representing the entire denomination and allowing voices from the Bible Belt and the south to be most vocal.

In a conversation with a clergy colleague the other day I made the statement that I "have lost interest in the UMC." With sadness in his voice, he replied, "I know. I have too."

BUT, "we" shall remain in order to be a squirrel under the pews of those who choose to depart from Jesus' love and Methodism. When those seizing control of our beloved church run out of steam, we shall remain.

It is time the publications of our denomination and the UM Publishing house represent the entire church and not just those voices from the Bible Belt and southern jurisdictions.

Rev. Thomas L.Shanklin (Retired)
NE Conference and former conference secretary of Troy Conference.

Rev. Thomas L. Shanklin more than 6 years ago