The One Thing You Give Up to Join the Wesleyan Covenant Association



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I am Ok with that. Stick with the current discipline.

Kevin more than 4 years ago


Yes, this is disgusting. Why would anyone republish such crap.

I have heard for myself the message of the WCA and they are not telling people to "give up one thing." They are saying what they are about and to join them . . . if you are likeminded!!!!!!!!!!

That's what denominations, associations, communions, and such are supposed to be: people who are linked together by convictions, values, and beliefs. How hard is this for people to understand?

I look forward to the time when all this back and forth banter is over with. Thank God it's coming to an end.

Josh more than 4 years ago

What a nasty misrepresentation of the WCA!

The author should be ashamed of himself. Choosing to reblog tripe like this is why UM Insight is held in such low esteem by those outside the revisionist camp. Trying to claim that Jeremy's hateful rhetoric is okay since it is "satirical in presentation" is just a way to justify yet another hate-filled screed against his latest favorite bug-a-boo, the WCA.

The WCA is all about a return to the theology and practices of John Wesley and the early Methodists. It is about embracing Wesley's call to true personal and social holiness, so that Methodism can again spread Scriptural Holiness across the land. Yes, the WCA is advocating a clear break from the prevailing liberal theology, social gospel, liberation theology, syncretism, and universalism that has held control of the UMC bureaucracy for many decades.

If you want to criticize the WCA, then at least have the decency to admit that what you are disagreeing with is the WCA's advocacy of the theology, doctrine, and practices of John Wesley. While the WCA affirms the orthodox understanding of the sinfulness of same-sex behavior, this position is based on the historic Wesleyan view of Biblical authority and exegesis. Our differences are grounded in incompatible and unbridgeable views on Biblical authority and interpretation; the revisionist battle to redefine same-sex relationships as a civil rights issue vice a sin is just the latest and most high-profile example that highlights our incompatible theological beliefs. In other words, Jeremy's hypothetical "gay-affirming evangelical" would not be holding to orthodox Wesleyan doctrine and beliefs and would not be "evangelical" in an orthodox Wesleyan sense of the term; hence, a priori, why would Jeremy pretend that they might have any interest in joining the WCA?

Paul W. more than 4 years ago

Old reblog

This was written a year ago! (Notice the author begins with the upcoming launch of the WCA on Oct. 6 (2016). Yet UM-Insight treats it like it's a fresh piece!

John more than 4 years ago